Part 1: Bad Spellers Untie

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Did I Spel Spell that Right?

For all of my educational career and most of my adulthood, I was really uptight about being Dyslexic. I did everything in the world to try and hide it. Although it was impossible to hide some of the obvious signs, I tried anyway. One of my biggest Dyslexic indicators is my spelling issue. I can’t spell well to save my life. My Dyslexic roots have shown many of days through writing emails at work and using good ol’ social media. When I really was overly concerned about this, I use to get mad at my hubby if he didn’t tell me when he saw a misspelled word on Facebook or go in and fix it for me. Now that I really don’t care too much anymore, the poor fellow thinks its still his duty to be my personal spell checker.

One case in point was just recently. My really good friend/cousin from college came to visit me. Of course we took pics and I uploaded them to Facebook. Well, take a look at the picture.



I missed spelled his name and my hubby sent me a text telling me. Oops!! So Phoo is really spelled Poo or Pooh. LOL!! There was two possible was to spell this and I missed both. At least I had all the letters in one. #Dyslexicproblems

I am so happy I can now laugh at myself. At one point in my life I would have been mortified and ready to hide under a rock. I’ve learned and I am becoming more comfortable each day knowing that there are some things that I simply can’t change about myself and learning to embrace me anyway. Who cares if my roots show? I would never use poor grammar or misspell words on purpose and if I was still in school I would be very careful to have someone else read over my writings before turning them in to be graded. But I am no longer in school and social media is the one place I can let my hair down and not be overly concerned about a misspelled word or two. Life is more important then me beating myself up over spelling Poo or Pooh , Phoo. He knew what I was talking about. LOL!!!!

Just recently, I discovered what I already knew, there are so many of us bad spellers out there. That is what prompted me write this blog, Bad Spellers Untie. I have been finding so many pics being light hearted about our spelling  issues and how we compensate. The great thing is many of the pictures are created by very talented, quick witted Dyslexics like myself.


Genius! When in doubt come up with another word/phrase.

Before I share some of these, I have one more recent funny of me. I was at the grocery store shopping when my hubby texted me. I responded telling, well see for yourself….


I didn’t have time to use the text to speech on my phone (sometimes it takes forever) to find out how to spell grocery, so I came up with another word/phrase to convey my message. As someone who can’t spell half the words in her vocabulary,  I will literally rearrange a sentence to avoid certain words or replace harder to spell words with simpler to spell words that means the same thing. That remains me of this picture I discovered on Instgram:

This isn't the standard definition for a synonym we learned in school, but its the Dyslexic version. LOVE IT!!!!!!

This isn’t the standard definition for a synonym we learned in school, but its the Dyslexic version. LOVE IT!!!!!!


I told you I wasn't the only one!!! Too creative.

I told you I wasn’t the only one!!! Too creative.

Forget being a good speller. I'll keep the car.

Forget being a good speller. I’ll keep the car.

I hope you had yourself a good laugh or now better understand the Dyslexic in your life. Keep an eye for Part 2.

The LD Coach


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