About Me

I inspire people to rise above the circumstances of their lives and live out their hopes and dreams for the future.

Covid-19 changed EVERYTHING!

I realized that many of you are like me (NEVER think you’re the only one!)- wanting a life where my worth isn’t tied to a career, I get the rest I need, I don’t have to sacrifice time with love ones to earn an income, that I am not one dimensional, passions for education (particularly sped edu), helping others and interests outside of education and the nonprofit world that seem like they don’t fit together in any logical sense.

I realized this blog could be the one place where I get to be all of me and do all the things. It could be the place to show you that these can fit or at least it’s ok to attempt all the things. With tips, stories, and helpful advice, I hope to help a few of you realize that you can dream bigger and make those dreams become a reality. Whether your dreams include becoming a teacher, starting a school, becoming a mother, wife, or both, balancing personal and professional life, improving your personal finances and spirituality, or just figuring out what to cook for dinner, I hope I can help!

After hearing (because who has time to read) something that Viola Davis wrote in her book, I am past wanting to just leave a lasting legacy for my children (people in general) to wanting to leave something lasting in them. This is my new normal of living, loving, and learning differently and you have been invited to journey with me and to gleam from my lived experiences and my new normal. This blog indeed can be a source of inspiration as you chart your own course in a post-Covid world.

For Context

I am a teacher-turned-school founder. I quit teaching when it wasn’t popular. I quietly quit before I knew there was a name for it. I resigned from my post in a large urban school district in 2011 after having been a successful special education teacher, including a co-teacher, and sped administrator, leading over 12 special education teachers and paraprofessionals to purse a love of speaking, inspiring others, and run Triumph in Life, Inc. (the org I started my school under), a non-profit organization I with a mission to inspire those with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

As much as I love, running Triumph in Life, Inc and Triumph School, I love being a wife and mother more. Aubrey, Cara Lucy, Jackson, Jason (The Preacher), and I all live in a great little city in Georgia.

I’m glad you’re here!

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